Israel to join Arabs over Iran nuclear deal: Report

Israel to join Arabs over Iran nuclear deal: Report
Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:16:16

Israel’s ambassador to Britain Daniel Taub says Israel is prepared to forge deals with Arab countries in Middle East to counter Iran.

The Zionist regime ambassador has floated the idea of new alliances forming in the Middle East between Israel and some Arab countries in a bid to counter the supposed threat posed by Iran’s nuclear programs, which have been proved to be civilian ones by last weekend’s deal between Tehran and world powers.

Speaking to The Independent, Daniel Taub re-stated the very baseless claim that the Geneva accord, will do little to contain the threat posed by Iran, or to slow its progress towards acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Speaking of the opposition to Tehran-sponsored Shia alliances in the Middle East, Taub also raised to prospect of cooperation between Israel and a number of predominantly Sunni countries, including Saudi Arabia, that are equally concerned about such event.

“If you look at the region you see this very radical axis that runs from Tehran to Damascus to Beirut and actually on to Gaza, and I think that we are not alone [in being worried] about it,” he claimed.

“There are many countries that look on these issues and it’s a reminder that if we can rise above some of our immediate differences and paradigms we actually have an awful lot in common, many of our most fundamental strategic concerns are actually aligned, and of course we would be interested in trying to deepen relationships on that basis.”

Israel, which is extremely agree with the Tehran current nuclear deal, is seeking to shatter such agreement which will surely promote stability in the region.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed satisfaction Tuesday over his country’s deal with the west, which he said has left Israel diplomatically isolated, Al-Arabiya reports.

His comments were made to Iranian state TV in an interview marking his first 100 days in office. When asked about the deal regarding Iran’s nuclear program, Rouhani gloated, “Now, our enemies are isolated.”


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