Syrian minister: Beirut explosion reeks of petro-dollar

Syrian minister: Beirut explosion reeks of petro-dollar
Tue Nov 19, 2013 17:49:28

Syrian information minister has blamed Saudi Arabia and some other Persian Gulf states as well as the Israeli regime for the deadly blasts outside the Iranian Embassy in the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Omran al-Zoubi said that “We quite realize that certain countries in the region such as Saudi Arabia and some [Persian] Gulf states and Israel want to promote the culture of terrorism and spread it in the region.”

Earlier in the day, the Syrian government strongly condemned the explosions saying, “Petro-dollar is smelled in the terrorism hitting Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, and thus the Syrian government calls upon the Lebanese people to stick to the national unity to confront terrorism.”

25 people were killed and over 150 others injured in two bomb explosions outside the Iranian Embassy in Beirut on Tuesday.

The bombings were carried out in Beirut’s southern neighborhood of Jinah.

Lebanon’s caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati described the bombings as “a cowardly terrorist act.”

Mikati was quoted by Lebanese NNA news agency as saying that the aim of the attacks was to “stir-up the situation in Lebanon.”

“We have asked the security apparatuses to speed up the investigations to uncover and arrest the perpetrators.”


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