Syria army continues mop-up operation in Rif Dimashq

Mon Nov 11, 2013 22:02:36

Al-Alam camera has accompanied Syrian army in one of its mopping-up operations in Eastern al-Ghouta in Rif Dimashq, close to the eastern part of Damascus.

“Syrian army has stepped up its operations against al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front militants in Arbin area located in east of Rif Dimashq," Al-Alam correspondent accompanying Syrian troops in their cleaning-up operations said.

“The army is pushing deep into the area in a bid to restore Damascus-Homs Highway security and rein in the terrorists entering the area,” the report added.

“The army also attempts to halt the militants entering Arbin neighboring areas and prevent them from transferring arms.”

Despite militants’ claim that Arbin is under their full control, the presence of Al-Alam Correspondent Team is a proof that the Syrian army has brought some significant parts of the area under its control.

However, terrorists, especially snipers, are present in the area.

According to the Al-Alam correspondent most of the terrorists are foreign, especially Chechen, militants.


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