Iran Navy foils pirates attack on vessels in Gulf of Aden

Iran Navy foils pirates attack on vessels in Gulf of Aden
Sun Nov 10, 2013 20:47:36

A top Iranian Navy commander says naval forces have successfully rescued a number of Iranian merchant vessels from pirate attacks in international waters.

“Over the past three days, pirates launched two attacks on Iranian commercial ships in the waters of the Gulf of Aden,” Deputy Commander of Iran Navy for Operations Rear Admiral Siavash Jarreh said on Sunday.

According to Jarreh, the Iranian oil tanker, dubbed Tour II, came under pirate attacks twice near the Bab al-Mandab Strait, which connects the Gulf of Aden to the Red Sea, but Iranian naval forces managed to thwart their attempt to hijack the ship after exchanging fire with the pirates.

In a similar incident, “Three speed boats belonging to pirates attacked an Iranian bulk carrier at the mouth of the Red Sea, but the pirates fled following a counterattack by the special operations team and the timely arrival of the Iranian naval fleet,” said the Iranian commander.

In recent years, Iran Navy has been increasing its presence in international waters to protect naval routes and provide security for merchant vessels and tankers.

In line with the international efforts to combat piracy, the Iranian Navy has been also conducting anti-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden since November 2008 to safeguard the vessels involved in maritime trade, especially the ships and oil tankers owned or leased by Iran.


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