Brazil confesses spying on Russian, Iranian diplomats

Brazil confesses spying on Russian, Iranian diplomats
Tue Nov 5, 2013 13:27:52

Brazil's government has confirmed it spied on a number of targets, including representatives from Russia, Iran and the US.

The confession came after recent reports on unsophisticated surveillance methods used by Brazil’s intelligence agency a decade ago, Russia Today reported on Monday.

The country’s Institutional Security Cabinet, tasked with Brazilian intelligence activities, said in a statement released Monday that in 2003-04 it carried out spying activities “in absolute compliance” with the law on diplomatic premises in Brazil.

The office of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff responded to the report by claiming that the surveillance in question comprised of "counter-intelligence operations."

"The operations in question [took place] in accordance with Brazilian legislation pertaining to the protection of the national interest,” Rousseff’s office said.

The cabinet also said that the “leak of classified reports is a crime and that those responsible will be prosecuted according to the law.”

The acknowledgement follows a Folha de São Paulo newspaper report outlining Brazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN) tactics of spying on diplomats from Russia and Iran. Most of the surveillance was carried out using simple techniques such as monitoring the target on foot and by car, as well as photographing them.

The publication also interviewed military intelligence agents, former employees, and former directors of ABIN to confirm the accuracy of the content of the documents obtained.

The operations which the newspaper report refers to happened during the administration of former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.


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