Nasrallah warns of terror attacks ahead of Ashura

Nasrallah warns of terror attacks ahead of Ashura
Thu Oct 31, 2013 14:18:27

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah has expressed concerns over the possible occurrence of terrorist attacks on threshold of Ashura commemoration in Lebanon.

In a meeting with some Lebanese political and religious figures, Nasrallah referred to the vulnerable security situation of the country, saying that Hezbollah is totally ready to cooperate with Lebanon’s intelligence and security services to prevent any terrorist operations, Lebanese Newspaper of Al Joumhouria reported on Thursday.

Referring to Syria’s crisis and the relevant effects of such crisis on Lebanon’s security, Nasrallah said that foreign-backed international front as well as domestic militants’ front are facing an obvious defeat right now, adding that the axis of resistance will be the real winner of this war.

He said Syria war has been faced with a real deadlock in which the rebel groups have no other option except accepting the political solution within negotiations.

“Some foreign countries are creating tension to halt such political settlement, but they will realize soon that these tensions will bring no fruit for them,” Nasrallah noted.

Hezbollah secretary-general has earlier blamed Takfiri groups for a car bomb attack which left 24 people dead in southern Beirut.

He said that those carrying out the attacks were not Israeli spies, but stressed that it is clear that US and Israeli intelligence agencies have infiltrated into these Takfiri groups and are using them to achieve their own goals.

He also told the Lebanese that anyone who thinks that the Takfiri groups only target Shias is wrong, adding that they kill Sunnis, Shias and Christians the same because they "are killers who do not belong to any religion or sect."


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