China unveils mystery nuclear sub fleet

China unveils mystery nuclear sub fleet
Tue Oct 29, 2013 20:53:34

China has unveiled a fleet of nuclear submarines that has been shrouded in mystery and hidden for 40-plus years — a move seen by security experts as a show of force and confidence.

The submarines are older-generation models, part of the country’s secretive military program, The Daily Mail reported.

The vessels are equipped with rocket launchers that can fire beneath the water.

China brought forth the fleet in a public ceremony that included demonstration missions from seamen off the coast of Qingdao, on the eastern coast.

The seamen participated in safety drills, military combat simulations and training, The Daily Mail said.

Chinese naval ships and helicopters also participated in the drills.

The country is actively pursuing military might, spending significantly more money to bolster its naval forces.

China’s pursuit of improving military capabilities has irked the United States.

Earlier this year, US officials were alarmed when they spotted a Chinese naval fleet sailing international waters located between northern Japan and Russia. The fleet had two missile destroyers and three other vessels.


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