Bitter memory of Syrian girl abused by Saudi sheikh

Sat Oct 26, 2013 18:10:45

First time he came to our home, he said he wants to help us, 20-year-old Syrian girl said as she described her bitter memories of falling victim to a Saudi Salafi sheikh during her refugee times in Jordan.

Syrian girls falling victim to rich Saudi men who are taking their own advantage from the homeless impoverished Syrian families amid the bloody war in Syria has turned to a common feature of life among Syrian refugees.

In case of this girl who spoke to the Lebanese OTV channel and wished not to reveal her name a Saudi sheikh deceived her under the pretense of helping her family, but dragged her into a marriage which left her with horrible memories of a man who exploited her before he got fed up and divorced her.

The Saudi sheikh told her that he wants to help the girl and her family who did not have a male guardian to look after them, she described.

“The first time (he proposed) I rejected him but he insisted to see me again and said the condition in Syria is really bad and returning there is impossible... and considering that there is no man in our house, condition is much harder and he is ready to accept our responsibility,” the girl said.

The Saudi sheikh told the girl that he was going to take them to Saudi Arabia and take care of them, as the girl recalled.

“I told him that in Syria we register our marriage and I told him you have to sign a document to submit out marriage, but he refused and said this is illegal since we didn’t have permission and we may both end up in jail.”

Their marriage lasted for only 4 months after which the Saudi sheikh lost his interest and divorced the girl.

During the four months that the 20-year-old girl lived with the Saudi sheikh, he made her use unknown tablets and used to torture and abuse her, the girl said.

She remembered every time she spent with him; it was always violent. Every time I felt like I was being raped by the man, she added.

The girl described the man had three wives and 15 children and tried to show an innocent face of himself and nobody around knew how he behaved and what he did to her.

The hardship in Jordan refugee camps does not end at men deceiving young girls but for many families selling their daughters is the only way to survive; a misery which is welcomed by many, especially Saudis who are reported to be most common buyers.


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