Mortar shells kill 4, injure 18 in Syrian capital

Mortar shells kill 4, injure 18 in Syrian capital
Wed Oct 23, 2013 23:14:08

At least four people, including women, have been killed and 18 others injured after foreign-backed militants fired mortar shells at residential areas in the Syrian capital Damascus.

Police officials said on Wednesday that two mortar shells fired by the militants landed near al-Abassiyeen square in Damascus, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported.

The injured were immediately transferred to nearby hospitals for medical treatment, the officials added.

On Tuesday, three civilians were killed in a similar attack in the Damascus countryside of Jaramana.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army continues to make gains against the foreign-sponsored militants, killing scores of them across the country and destroying a number of their hideouts.

Also on Wednesday, Syrian government forces took full control of strategic air defense barracks in Damascus countryside.

Syria has been gripped by deadly unrest since 2011. According to reports, the Western powers and their regional allies -- especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey -- are supporting the militants operating inside Syria.

According to the United Nations, more than 100,000 people have been killed and millions displaced in the violence.


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