World Muslims should fight Takfiris: ME expert

World Muslims should fight Takfiris: ME expert
Wed Oct 16, 2013 19:10:33

Al-Qaeda’s growing gains from the foreign-backed war in Syria in gathering more supporters and its influence on young minds with the millions of dollars being poured to fuel the insurgency are raising to highly concerning levels.

Syrians are witnessing many being lured into joining al-Qaeda, not only from their country, but even more from all over the world, coming to topple their government and set a new base for their own rule.

There are almost daily reports of smaller groups vowing loyalty to al-Qaeda, which they see stronger than others fighting against Syrian government and people.

Extremists and Takfiri groups have made Syrians experience horrible experiences of cruelty, in what many analysts say have changed the levels of brutality for witnesses.

On the other hand the Islamic world is more alarmed than ever because all these crimes are being committed under the name of their religion.

“Takfirism is something which is being designed to create hatred within the family and destroy the unity of the family and it really has got not root in Islamic beliefs. It is a command on all of us, Muslims, to unite and we should not allow these Saudi-backed Takfiris to, actually, create disunity and cerate otherness within the family of Islam,” Massoud Shadjareh who is a Middle East expert said in an interview with Press TV.

Pointing to the bloodletting in Iraq since the US occupation in 2003, he says “Saudi-backed” Takfiri ideology is engineered to safeguard the interests of the United States and Israel by causing division in the Muslim world.

“We saw even in Iraq the way that the insurgency at the beginning was against the US hegemony but that was hijacked by input from Saudi Arabia and the insurgency turned killing Muslims and now we see thousands of Muslims being killed every month in Iraq and this only serves one purpose and that is the purpose of the US and Israel and is being pursued by them and implemented by regional powers like Saudi Arabia,” he said.

Referring to Saudi Arabian Spy Chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud, the analysts said, “The reality is that the huge amount of finance here is coming to these groups, this is not coming from individuals, this is actually Saudi backing, Sheikh Bandar himself is involved in organizing this, you know, this is already exposed and everybody knows about it, but also to say that the Saudis have got the same problem, that is not true.”

Most Saudi clerics practice Wahhabism which Shia and Sunni Muslims disavow.

Takfiri terrorist groups famous for killing Muslims and non-Muslims, including women and children, in bomb attacks in Iraq and Syria follow the ideologies of these depraved clergymen.


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