Iran urges UN to adopt World against Violence and Extremism

Iran urges UN to adopt World against Violence and Extremism
Wed Oct 9, 2013 10:11:46

Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations calls on the international community to throw its weight behind Tehran’s call for the idea of the World against Violence and Extremism (WAVE).

Speaking at the sixth legal committee of the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly, Mohammad Khazaei pointed to the idea of the WAVE proposed by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, and asked the relevant UN committees to put the proposal on their agenda.

Referring to Iran as a main victim of terrorism, the ambassador noted, “As a country that has been constantly targeted by this phenomenon, we are totally aware of the ramifications of terrorist acts for the victims as well as for the society.”

The Iranian envoy went on to enumerate on the objectives of state terrorism and slammed the double standards adopted regarding the scourge.

He warned that such dual approaches will harm the spirit of trust and cooperation in the international arena and argued that the only way to launch a global movement against terrorism is for the global community to adopt a unanimous approach against the phenomenon.


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