'Youngest' Saudi militant enters war in Syria

'Youngest' Saudi militant enters war in Syria
Mon Oct 7, 2013 12:31:00

The 'youngest Saudi' militant has entered Syria to join hundreds of foreign armed groups fighting to topple the government in Syria, with their strongest ones paving the way for al-Qaeda to rise to power.

According to Arabic-language Asia News, citing sources within Syria opposition groups, a 16-year old Saudi boy, named Abdullah al-Shimri, entered Syria a few days ago and picked a nickname for himself as “Abu al-Motaz al-Jezeri”.

The sources said he was the youngest Saudi entering the war in Syria.

Analysts say that Syria is attracting foreign fighters on a level that even the US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan never did.
Fighters from virtually everywhere have flocked to Syria.

Large numbers came from places like Libya and Egypt, of course, but extremists from across Europe and the US have also been reported.

There are many young people being attracted by al-Qaeda to the Syria war, according to media reports.

Al-Qaeda-linked groups make videos of young people being happy to be in the fight to invite others.

They use popular social websites such as Facebook and Twitter to gather more followers.

A British defense study carried out by HIS Jane consultancy in September showed that militants fighting against Syria now number around 100,000 fighters, which are fragmented into around 1,000 bands.


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