Iranian youths show their jeans to Netanyahu

Iranian youths show their jeans to Netanyahu
Mon Oct 7, 2013 09:35:59

Twitter was flooded with photos of young Iranians wearing jeans, in a clear jab at his comments for the Persian-language BBC channel, "If they had a free go, they’d toss out this regime, they’d go in blue jeans,” he said.

Though the first tweets were posted in Persian, many English ones followed, with the #IRANJEANS hash-tag, which became an instant hit.

Berating Netanyahu, one post shows a child in jeans and the text, "Hey Netanyahu, meet Eliraza Ahmad Roshan, the son of a nuclear scientist you killed. He wears Iranian blue jeans."

Another posted a photo of a market which sells jeans and wrote, "Mr. Netanyahu, here's a shop for weapons of mass destruction."

Another tweeted, "I can send my photo to Netanyahu if his spies here have not seen people in jeans."

A woman nicknamed Sephi tweeted, "How can Netanyahu think Iranians aren't allowed to wear jeans, and actually say that in public and embarrass himself."

Another tweeted, "Lol, Netanyahu doesn't know Iranians wear jeans, how can he know that Iran is developing nuclear weapons?"

The foreign editor for the ABC news website, John Williams, tweeted, "Joking aside, awkward for @netanyahu. Israeli intel warning of nukes. But doesn't know #Iran's teens wear jeans & listen to western music!"


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