Russia to add 750 hardware units, missiles to Army

Russia to add 750 hardware units, missiles to Army
Tue Oct 1, 2013 12:43:01

The Russian Ground Forces will receive over 750 units of military hardware in 2014, including Iskander-M missile systems and Tornado-G multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), the Defense Ministry says.

“In 2014, we are planning to purchase more than 750 units of military hardware [for the Ground Forces], mainly – the Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile systems, the Tornado-G MLRS, the Typhoon and Tigr-M armored vehicles,” the ministry said in a statement Monday, ahead of the Ground Forces Day celebrated in Russia on October 1.

According to the ministry, the Ground Forces received about 600 units of military hardware in 2013, including the 152-mm Msta-S self-propelled howitzers and various types of command and communications vehicles.

In addition, about 100 T-72 main battle tanks and over 100 BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles were overhauled and delivered to the Ground Forces this year, the ministry said.

In line with the recent military reform, the strength of the Russian Ground Forces has been set at about 300,000 personnel, including conscripts and professional soldiers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on the country's arms designers and manufacturers to begin work on new small arms, body armor and communications equipment for the infantry and airborne forces.

By 2020, the government will spend over 2.6 trillion rubles ($79.8 billion) to arm the Airborne Forces and the Army, Putin said. The overall value of the national rearmament program will reach 20 trillion rubles ($614 billion).


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