Syrian army kills several militants in Daraa

Syrian army kills several militants in Daraa
Mon Sep 30, 2013 18:06:53

Syrian army forces have killed some anti-Syrian government militants in Daraa city in southwestern Syria.

According to al-alam TV news channel, a group of Syrian militants exchanged fire with Syrian government forces after they ambushed an army checkpoint in Daraa neighborhood in southwest Syria.

The clashes left several terrorists dead and injured, the source added.

In northwestern Syria, army units attacked militant groups in Al-Nayrab village to the south east of Aleppo, killing a large number of terrorists.

Armed militants also targeted a bus packed with passengers en route from Damascus to Al-Swaida, injuring one person.

Clashes in Syria continued as fears of possible chemical attacks against civilians by Syrian militant groups looming.

On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned against further chemical gas attacks by fragmented terrorists backed by the west and their regional Arab allies.

Lavrov remarks came as the UN experts verifying chemical weapons use in Syria wrapped up their mission on Monday.

The six-strong team on a second tour to Syria said it hopes to present a final report on recent alleged attacks by late October, following an interim report submitted this month which confirmed the use of the nerve agent Sarin in an August 21 attack in the suburbs of Damascus.


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