Peres: Israel will consider joining OPCW

Peres: Israel will consider joining OPCW
Mon Sep 30, 2013 17:31:44

Israeli regime's President Shimon Peres has said that Tel Aviv mulling to join the international treaty banning chemical weapons use after Syria said it would destroy its chemical weapons.

Israel along with five nations so far refused to join the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention after Syria joined the international community to bring its chemical weapons under international supervision.

"I am sure our government will consider it seriously," Peres told reporters in The Hague, the Dutch city that is home to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which oversees the convention, though analysts cast doubt over Peres’ remarks since the Zionist regime community have breached its past commitments.

Under a joint Russian-U.S. proposal, Syria has committed to destroy its chemical weapons arsenal within nine months. It is believed to comprise around 1,000 metric tons of sarin, mustard and XV nerve agents.

As far as Israeli’s nuclear stockpile is concerned, the regime has never admitted to owning nuclear weapons, though according to estimations, Tel Aviv has some 70 nuclear warheads.

Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said this month that Israel would be ready to discuss the issue when there was peace in the Middle East.

Syria spent decades building up its chemical weapons programme, largely to counter Israel's military superiority in the Middle East.

The other nations not to have joined the convention are Myanmar, Egypt, Angola, North Korea and South Sudan.



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