Heavy clashes erupt in Deir–al zur suburb

Heavy clashes erupt in Deir–al zur suburb
Mon Sep 23, 2013 23:14:01

Fierce clashes between Syrian military forces and foreign-backed militant groups in Deir al-Zour neighborhood left several anti-Assad forces killed and wounded.

In al-Rosafa, at least four armed militants were killed in an attack on an army checkpoint on Monday.

Assad government forces also attacked armed groups’ stronghold in Mou Hassan city and al-Kasrah in Deir al-zur suburb, according to al-alam TV news channel.

Dozens of Syrian terrorist groups were also killed in al-Jubaila county in Deir al-zur.

The recent conflict between Syrian army forces and opposition groups comes as heavy clashes erupt on Syria-Lebanon border.

The Syrian army fights off opposition forces in Yabus and Kfar Yabus areas and repelled opposition forces who launched heavy strikes on Syria troops to retake the area, but failed.

A Syrian army commander in anonymity said that the crossing is a strategic road which links Syria to Beirut.

The Syria-Lebanon crossing has also been a strategic target for Terrorist groups but they were always pushed back when attacking Syrian army units.


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