Russia warns against unipolarity in international system

Russia warns against unipolarity in international system
Fri Sep 20, 2013 11:54:53

Russian President Vladimir Putin has cautioned against attempts to reanimate the model of a unified and unipolar world, adding that such a system would not need sovereign states, but would need vassals instead.

“Russia is with those who hold that the key decisions must be taken on a collective basis rather than in accordance with plans and interests of certain states or groups of states. International law must work instead of the ‘right of the strong’ and the ‘rule of fists’”, Putin told an assembly of officials, politicians and political experts on the closing day of the international forum Valdai Club on Thursday.

The Russian president again stressed that every country and their people were not exceptional, but they were unique and all had equal rights, including the right to choose their path of development.

He noted that the national revival of Russia was in line with the foreign policy course for a multi-polar world and the prevailing of international law over the rule of brute force.


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