Syria militants fight each other near Iraq, 5 dead

Syria militants fight each other near Iraq, 5 dead
Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:24:55

Infighting between fractions of Syria militants in a town along the Iraqi border has left five dead.

Clashes between militant groups have grown increasingly common in recent months, as different fractions seek to ensure their own benefits from the widely foreign-supported insurgency in Syria.

The Britain-based so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Saturday's fighting took place in the town of al-Boukamal between the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant against another militant group which it didn’t name.

Al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front has turned to be the core armed unit among different fractions who are trying to overthrow the Syrian government.

Another al-Qaeda fraction, the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant is also considered to be a strong armed force in the conflict, while there are numerous other groups coming from regional, North African and European countries which are fighting in the bloody insurgency in Syria which has already left more than 100,000 people.

After months of growing tensions, infighting among Syria's mosaic of rebel factions broke into the open in July.

Many Syrians who used to support the opposition at the start of the insurgency in Syria have turned to support the Syrian army after they saw their country was threatened by infiltration of terrorist groups.

People have been witnessing utter brutal scenes in some areas of the country which have been occupied and controlled by anti-Syria groups.

As the Syrian government is struggling with internal and external threats of wider conflicts, people have been forced to live under strict rules imposed by some of the militant groups who benefit international silence on their crimes.

A US plan to bomb the country over a chemical attack near Syrian capital on August 21 was canceled with Russia’s mediation that sought to ease the tensions by putting Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons under international control.

The offer was widely welcomed both in Syria and several other countries that were concerned by US military ambitions and its consequences.


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