Saudi Arabia bans pro-terrorist data on Internet

Saudi Arabia bans pro-terrorist data on Internet
Mon Sep 9, 2013 20:39:52

Saudi Arabia is going to outlaw dissemination of information on the Internet for the benefit of terrorist groups, in line with a decision taken by Persian Gulf Arab monarchies.

The official SPA news agency said the cabinet approved the "unified legislation against cybercrime," which the (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council adopted in December.

The legislation targets those who "create sites and publish information on the Internet or a computer network for the benefit of a terrorist group to enable contacts among its leaders or its members, to promote its views or funding," said the agency.

It also prohibits "the dissemination of ideas that could affect public order or morality," said SPA, without providing further details.

Saudi Arabia has been one of the biggest supporters of the deadly insurgency in Syria which has turned to a nest for terrorist groups coming from Middle Eastern, North African and European countries.

Many Saudi militants, fighting along al-Qaeda-linked armed groups, have been killed in the conflict which started in March 2011 and many are still fighting to gain power in Syria.

The violence which has been marked with vicious inhumane killing of people is feared to spread in other countries, both in the region and in the Europe, if the terrorist groups get more ground in Syria.

Worries have mounted in the region after US started a war rhetoric against Syria, threatening to attack the army bases and change the balance of the war in favor of the anti-Syria militants.

Washington says it wants to attack Syria over an alleged chemical attack which it blames it on the Syrian government, but Syria says it has concrete evidence that militants and terrorist groups were responsible for the attack on August 21 near Syrian capital.


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