Americans oppose strike on Syria: Poll

Americans oppose strike on Syria: Poll
Wed Sep 4, 2013 08:56:45

Americans widely oppose unilateral US missile strikes against Syria despite growing appetite in Washington for a military action in the Middle Eastern country.

According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, nearly six in 10 in the US are opposed to missile strikes on Syria over accusation that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against militant groups.

The poll, conducted Wednesday through Sunday, found that 36 percent of Americans support a strike.

Some 70 percent of Americans also oppose Washington and its allies providing militant groups in Syria with weapons, according to the poll.

On Tuesday, the US Congress held its first hearing about the White House’s plan for military intervention in Syria.

US President Barack Obama has called for a prompt vote from Congress authorizing the use of force in Syria.

“America should take action,” he told reporters on Tuesday before meeting with congressional leaders. “We will be much more effective, we will be stronger, if we take action together.”

“It is proportional. It is limited. It does not involve boots on the ground,” he continued.

Also, House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) supported Obama's plan for a military action, saying they will vote in support of the use of military force in Syria.

Boehner has also encouraged his colleagues in the House to join him in support of the war on Syria.

In testimony before Congress, Secretary of State John Kerry urged lawmakers to back President Obama’s plan for “limited, narrow” strikes against Syrian targets.


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