UN resumes Syria probe amid US threats

UN resumes Syria probe amid US threats
Wed Aug 28, 2013 12:44:48

UN inspectors resume their investigations over an alleged chemical attack in Syria as the US is rushing to bomb the country before release of any results.

The team of arms experts boarded a convoy of six vehicles after they halted their operation on Monday due to security reasons, AFP reported on Wednesday.

It was unclear which site they were intending to visit.

Pursuing its plan to attack Syria on the basis of its own suppositions, the Obama administration has been opposed to the UN inspection of the alleged chemical weapons attack site in Damascus, insisting it is “too late.”

Britain has eagerly endorsed the myth of “too late,” insisting that the results are probably “tampered with” in the few days between the incident and inspectors arriving.

There is no science behind those suppositions and experts say that not only is a few days far from “too late,” but that an actual, real chemical weapons attack would leave traces for years and would be virtually impossible to hide.

Yet the US and Britain seem confident that the probe won’t come out in their favor.

Russia and Syria, in return, are both similarly confident that the probe will clear the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

But the US is prepared to go to war for the sake of a narrative that is making less and less sense, and is desperately fighting to avoid any independent facts coming out on the incident before they can get the attacks off the ground.


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