At least 2 killed in fresh Egypt clashes

At least 2 killed in fresh Egypt clashes
Wed Aug 28, 2013 09:46:24

At least two supporters of Egypt's deposed president Mohamed Morsi have been killed in clashes with residents and security forces in the southern city of Beni Suef, a security source says.

Dozens were wounded when locals started fighting with hundreds of protesters marching through the city late on Tuesday, and then government forces intervened to try and stop the violence, the source said.

State newspaper al-Ahram cited a medical source as saying the two people were killed by live ammunition.

On July 3, the head of Egypt’s armed forces, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, announced that Morsi was no longer in office.

Morsi, the country’s first democratically president, remains under arrest ever since.

Egypt has been the scene of deadly clashes since the ouster of Morsi.


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