European Union halts arms sale to Egypt

European Union halts arms sale to Egypt
Thu Aug 22, 2013 20:15:25

The European Union foreign ministers have come to terms to suspend arms and security goods sale to Egypt as part of their program to review aid program to the country.

During an extraordinary EU Foreign Affairs Council on Wednesday in Brussels, the ministers of the 28-nation bloc agreed to suspend export licenses for Egypt for any equipment used for “internal repression,” EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said.

Ashton also said the foreign ministers strongly denounced the disproportionate use of force by the Egyptian security forces.

"We strongly condemn all acts of violence and we do believe the recent actions of the military have been disproportionate," said Ashton.

The EU’s chief diplomat also reported that the ministers agreed to review assistance given to the country but that aid to the most vulnerable in Egypt will not be affected.

"All member states feel very strongly they want to continue to support the people of Egypt," she added.

Furthermore, the union called “on all sides” to end the violence taking place and urged all sides to go back to the negotiating table to agree on a political solution to the crisis.

EU’s decision to halt aid to Egypt in the wake of the ruling military crackdown against public demonstration is unlike to affect the ongoing suppression, according to analysts, since the Arab Persian Gulf states vowed to funnel money into Egypt.

The United States also found suspending aid to Egypt fruitless, fearin loosing its clout in the North African state.

Washington is worried about the Russian and Chinese replacement in Egypt’s political arena if the US administration retracts its military aid to Cairo.


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