250kg explosives siezed in south of Beirut

250kg explosives siezed in south of Beirut
Sun Aug 18, 2013 09:26:11

Lebanese authorities have seized a car rigged with 250 kilograms of explosives in south of the capital.

The vehicle, an Audi that was located near the municipality of Naameh, some 15 kilometers south of Beirut, contained five containers each carrying 50 kilograms of TNT as well a device to remotely detonate the ordinance, sources were quoted by the Daily Star.

Lebanese Army Intelligence and police immediately cordoned off the area, preventing media from approaching, and later transported the seized items to a military barracks in Doha.

It was not clear whether the car was primed to explode in Naameh or planned to be moved to another location for detonation.
The sources said the vehicle carried a fake license plate and was situated near a residential area.

The discovery comes only two days after a car bombing ripped through the southern suburbs of Beirut killing 27 people and wounding more than 300.


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