Syrian army makes gains in Damascus suburb

Syrian army makes gains in Damascus suburb
Mon Aug 12, 2013 17:44:45

Clashes between Syrian army troops against the foreign-backed terrorists continue in Al-Qadam area in Damascus suburb, Al-Alam reports.

Syrian military sources said more than 2,500 foreign-backed militants including al-Nusra Front members have taken shelter near Al-Qadam area, near Syrian border with Jordan.

“A large number of Syrian terrorists came under fire by army units in al-Hajar-al Aswad, Bila, Yalda and Sabbana and a main train station in Al-Qadam was also recaptured,” a Syrian army commander told Al-Alam.

Syrian troops have driven terrorists out of the area and killed scores of terrorists, the source added.

“A large number of the terrorists who sneaked into the area were from Libyan and Jordanian nationals. They provided various information about terrorist groups during interrogations,” another Syrian army officer said.

These militants had earlier confessed to an organized attack to Syrian army positions which was foiled by immediate intervention of Syrian army troops accordingly, the military offices added.

He also noted that a large number of militants were killed during such clashes.

Foreign-backed terrorist groups deployed in “al-Assali” and“Al-Jorah” communities were besieged by the Syrian army.

Syrian army also re-captured “western al-Qadam” area as well as the main road leading to “Aisha” river bank in its operations on Monday.


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