Rouhani goes to parliament to defend his cabinet

Rouhani goes to parliament to defend his cabinet
Mon Aug 12, 2013 09:14:17

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani has attended an open session in the parliament to defend his proposed cabinet for getting approval of the MPs.

Speaking to the parliament on Monday, Rouhani described economic situation of the country and current problems and challenges that needed to be addressed as top priorities in his new government.

He said emergency measures were needed to be adopted on the economic issues and he planned a six-month period to implement his emergency economic plan.

Rouhani said he proposed his cabinet as early as he could so that he could gather strength for focusing on economic problems and hoped to bring stability to current shaky situation.

Rouhani unveiled the nominees for his new cabinet after he took oath of office on August 3. He could use two weeks for proposing his cabinet but he chose not to wait.

The Cabinet of Iran is composed of 33 officials including vice president, president deputies, 18 ministers, and heads of governmental organizations.

Cabinet’s composition must be approved by a vote in the Parliament.


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