Brotherhood heads to Syria after Egypt fiasco

Brotherhood heads to Syria after Egypt fiasco
Sun Aug 11, 2013 09:47:30

The Muslim Brotherhood has announced establishing its first official office in Syria’s Aleppo, after nearly 33 years of activity ban by Syrian government.

The Syrian Brotherhood's political bureau announced in a statement on Friday that the politburo president Hassan Hashemi inaugurated the Brotherhood's first office during his recent visit to Aleppo in northern Syria.

The unprecedented move on behalf of the Syrian Brotherhood signals a challenge to the Syrian regime, whose laws prohibit the movement and any affiliation with it.

"The opening of the first office of the Muslim Brotherhood inside Syria is a great challenge in the face of Assad's regime, and a step that stresses the Muslim Brotherhood's determination for a public return and to found, along with all other Syrian groups, a new political life in the country," a statement issued by the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood said.

The groups is using the opportunity of the unrest in Syria to make a return in the country.

The statement noted that the opening of the office in Aleppo, a stronghold of foreign-baked militants, comes to provide political and military support to the anti-Syria armed groups, in an effort to expedite the fall of the Syrian government.

Brotherhood opened direct contacts with opposition groups in Damascus in May, providing them with cash for the first time and promising political influence in an effort to gain their support.

Brotherhood’s entrance in Syria means addition of yet another group to the multi-national armed insurgency which is already facing deadly power struggles.

Brotherhood’s announcement comes as the group suffered what many see as a major political failure in Egypt following removal of president Mohamed Morsi from power by the Egyptian army on July 3.

The army announced that Morsi had "failed to meet the demands of the Egyptian people", and so he was overthrown according to people’s demands.


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