Belgian MP: Blacklisting Hezbollah shameful

Belgian MP: Blacklisting Hezbollah shameful
Mon Aug 5, 2013 22:14:09

Belgian lawmaker says EU decision to blacklist Hezbollah military wing servers the Zionist American interests.

“The move contradicts humanitarian values and basic principles of the European Union,” Laurent Louis, the Belgian parliamentarian told al-Manar TV channel.

"It is unacceptable to consider Resistance fighters as terrorists. Defending Land and Freedom is the basic right of every human being. Releasing such a decision means that the EU is not more than an organization which responds to the Zionist-American demands and is just an Israeli settlement or province," Louis said. "Is it really a shameful decision," the MP added.

Moreover, Louis lashed out at the decision background, stating that Burgas attack is a plea or trick.

"Following the September 11 attacks, beliefs were increased that such blasts are fabricated by the United States and Israel to put Hezbollah on the terror list. And this is what Israel and the US had requested of the EU on the same day. What a coincidence!" he wondered.

Fielding a question on how 26 countries opposing the decision in last June turned to support it in July, Louis noted that he hasn't any idea regarding the matter.

"I am used to believe only what I see. I see the EU putting Hezbollah on this list... The decision totally contradicts with the basic ideals and principles of the European Union, but it fully complies with the new nature of Europe in recent years, i.e. a criminal organization pursuing non-democratic policy," he stated, adding: "All what matters today for the Europeans is the money, but human values are no longer taken into account."

Turning on to the European foreign policy towards the Middle East, Louis described it as "catastrophic", indicating that Europe has become a puppet in the US and Zionist entity hands.

"The EU has chosen its path by the terrorists' and tyrannies' side. If Europe was committed to the ideals of justice, it would have sided with Hezbollah, Lebanon and the Palestinians. In Middle Eastern files, the European Union cheats and plays on the ropes. It is pro-Palestinian allegedly; but actually, it only takes the Israeli interests into account."

Answering a question on whether the military achievements gained by the Syrian army on ground have affected the European decision, the Belgian MP said: "The goal is to destabilize the region in order to allow Israel to boost its influence."

"Europe is cooperating dramatically because it is convinced by the project of establishing The Greater Israel," he added.

Commenting on the question raised by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah about why the Europeans do not label the Zionist army as terrorist despite their recognition it occupies Arab land in the West Bank and the Golan and abstains from implementing the International resolutions, Louis underlined that the international resolutions condemning the Zionist entity are countless.

"The problem is that these convictions are superficial. Just a slap on the fingers; a lie to pretend and keep on the policy of deception in this regard. We are well aware that Israel has all the rights while the Palestinians have only the right to die in silence, if possible," the Belgian Member of Parliament ended up saying.


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