Iran ex-president joins Expediency Council

Iran ex-president joins Expediency Council
Mon Aug 5, 2013 16:55:37

One day after the newly elected Iranian President Hasan Rohani takes office; Iran leader has appointed former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to join the Expediency Council.

On Sunday, former Iranian president left office after serving a two four-year tenor as the Iranian president.

In a decree released on Monday, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has appointed Ahmadinejad to the council on the grounds of his “invaluable efforts” during his two terms of presidency.

On July 14, Ayatollah Khamenei lauded the efforts by the former administration in a joint meeting with the former president and his outgoing cabinet.

“Some even deny the administration’s concrete actions, but what matters is that the efforts and attempts be expressed and recorded in the country’s public scene,” Ayatollah Khamenei stated.

On Sunday, Ayatollah Khamenei endorsed President Hassan Rohani to lead the new Iranian administration for the coming four years.

Rohani won a sweeping June 14 presidential election with 50.7 percent of a total of 36, 704, 156 ballots. Voter turnout in the election was 72.7 percent.

When asked about his future program, the former president said he would go back to teach at university.

Ahmadinejad on Sunday returned to his home in Narmak district, central Tehran amid a hero’s welcome by the locals, but his political career is unlike to end.




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