Russia urges 'objective' UN probe in Syria

Russia urges 'objective' UN probe in Syria
Fri Aug 2, 2013 18:35:07

Russia has called the UN inspection team to carry out an objective probe into the use of chemical weapons inside Syria.

On Thursday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov expressed hope “that a comprehensive and objective investigation will be conducted into everything related to the use of chemical weapons.”

He made the remarks a day after the UN announced that it is sending an investigation team to Syria to probe three sites where chemical weapons have allegedly been used during.

The Russian diplomat further underlined a May 7 report by UN investigator, Carla Del Ponte, suggesting that foreign-backed Takfiri groups have used the nerve agent sarin in Syria. The report was based on testimony from victims of the ongoing militancy.

In this regard, Gatilov stressed, “It is very important that the inspectors approach this matter in a comprehensive way and reach an objective conclusion.”

The UN inspectors are reportedly travelling to Syria next week.

The first site on the UN list is the town of Khan al-Assal, located near the northwestern city of Aleppo, where a chemical attack carried out by extremist groups killed 26 people on March 19.

A Russian-led inquiry has already revealed that the militants were behind the chemical attack in Khan al-Assal.

The other two sites are Ataybah near the capital Damascus, where a suspected attack took place in March, and the western city of Homs, where chemical weapons were reportedly used in December last year.


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