Iranian carpets have 35% share of global market

Iranian carpets have 35% share of global market
Sun Jul 28, 2013 09:05:42

Iran's National Carpet Center has announced hand-woven Iranian carpets make up 35 percent of the global market for the product.

Head of Iran’s National Carpet Center Mohammad Baqer Aqa-Alikhani said on Saturday that the value of exported hand-woven carpets across the world reached USD 1.35 billion last year, out of which the value of Iranian carpets amounted to USD 427 million.

Aqa-Alikhani also noted that Iran’s major rivals in global market for the hand-woven carpets are India, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Islamic Republic of Iran can further boost its international market by advertising the Iranian carpet and sending commercial delegations overseas in an attempt to identify new markets, he added.

Iran ships carpets to over 100 countries and hand-woven carpets to over 50 countries including Japan, Germany and Italy.

Finding it roots in ancient Persia, carpet weaving is recognized as one of the most eminent expression of Persian art and culture.

Experts attribute the increasingly lucrative market for Persian carpets worldwide to its quality, color and design.

There is an estimated population of 1.2 million carpet weavers in Iran, producing carpets for domestic and international markets.


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