Syria war spillover kills man in Turkey

Syria war spillover kills man in Turkey
Sat Jul 27, 2013 11:25:58

A mortar shell fired from across Syrian border has left a man dead and his three children wounded in southeastern Turkey.

The 45-year-old was killed on Friday when a shell smashed into his garden in Ceylanpinar, a town directly across the border from the Syrian town of Ras al-Ain which has seen fierce fighting in recent days, the Hurriyet paper said on its website.

The latest incident brought to three the number of people killed on the Turkish side of the border as a result of clashes pitting foreign-backed militants against Kurdish fighters loyal to the Democratic Union Party -- the Syrian branch of the Kurdistan Workers' Party.

Kurds make up 10 percent of Syria's total population, with most living in the north of the embattled country.

Since the outbreak of the western-hatched crisis in Syria more than two years ago, most Kurds have tried to ensure that their territory remained free of violence.

In mid-2012, Syrian army forces withdrew from majority Kurdish areas, and Kurdish militia became responsible for security of their region.


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