Leading figure warns of Egypt crisis spillover

Leading figure warns of Egypt crisis spillover
Fri Jul 26, 2013 17:34:01

A leading figure of Muslim Brotherhood ruling party has warned against spreading chaos throughout Egypt in case of not avoiding the growing violence.

“Given the critical situation in Egypt, the turmoil is feared to spread into all across the country if the sides refrain from violence and do not take rational approach,” Dr. Kamal Towfiq Helbawi, secretary-general of the Islamic Unity Forum in Europe, told Alalam news channel on Friday.

Helbawi pushed for national reconciliation and said “Egypt will be threatened if parties do not act prudently.”

The Egyptian politician also warned against excommunicating other parties, saying that “extremism and violence will lead Egypt into the destiny of Iraq, Afghanistan or Somalia.”

“Egypt army is able to maintain security and fight terrorist elements, otherwise the US will intervene in Egypt’s’ internal affairs,” he said.

As the power struggle between the army and Morsi supporters who call for his reinstatement goes on, Egypt's Armed Forces Chief General Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi  in a televised speech called upon Egyptians to take into the streets on Friday.

The move is aimed at shoring up public support for the army’s move to oust the deposed president Mohammed Morsi.

However, Morsi supporters believe that the Egypt’s first democratically-elected president now in custody was forced to step down in a military coup.

On Friday, Egypt prosecutors leveled several charges against the embattled president including kidnapping, killing soldiers and conspiring with Hamas Islamic resistant movement.


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