Iran surprised by attack on al-Alam Cairo office

Iran surprised by attack on al-Alam Cairo office
Sun Jul 21, 2013 18:08:15

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyyed Abbas Araqchi has expressed astonishment over an attack on the office of Iran’s al-Alam TV network in Cairo.

Egyptian security forces assailed al-Alam office in Cairo on Saturday, arresting its director Ahmad al-Siyoufi.

“We were surprised as the office came under attack and its equipment were confiscated and believe that some misunderstanding about the nature of the activity of the office should have happened,” Araqchi said on Sunday.

Araqchi said that al-Alam bureau has adopted measures to get the license for its activity and Egyptian officials have given primary agreements.

“Any way, the democratic movement has just opened in Egypt and respecting freedom of expression is a prerequisite to democracy,” the Iranian official said.

Al-Alam is a full-fledged professional news network which covers regional and international developments, he said.

The spokesman said he looked forward to hearing the Egyptian officials’ response to the move and reassured that the attack by Egyptian security forces was the result of misunderstanding.

He also called upon Egyptian authorities to review their procedure and hoped for the resumption of al-Alam activities in Cairo.

On Saturday, Egypt Security forces attacked the office of al-Alam news network in Cairo and detained its director Ahmad al-Siyoufi.

The move by Egyptian security forces came under fire by the Arab Commission for Human rights.

A few hours after al-Alam office was attacked, the Egyptian Journalists Association office also protested against the attack and staged a sit-in in Cairo.


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