Pro-Syria rallies held in European capitals

Pro-Syria rallies held in European capitals
Sun Jul 21, 2013 13:46:48

Communities and students have held rallies in Moscow, Prague and Warsaw to show solidarity with the Syrian government and slam foreign interference in the war-torn country.

The Syrian community and the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students in Russia on Saturday organized a protest outside the US Embassy in Moscow in the framework of the global campaign in support of Syria.

The participants in the event, held in coordination with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Russian Anti-Globalization Organization, denounced the policies practiced by some Western and regional countries in support of international terrorism, particularly in Syria.

Raising the Syrian and Russian flags, the participants chanted slogans asking the US to take its hands off Syria and condemning it as "the top terrorist in the world".

Slogans hailing the victories achieved by the Syrian armed forces in the face of the international terrorism targeting Syria, were also chanted during the event.

The participants expressed strong denunciation of the US, European states, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar that continue by all means to provide arms and funds to the terrorists and extremists that have been committing crimes in Syria.

The protestors voiced their confidence that the Syrian army will achieve victory over the terrorists and clear the Syrian land of their presence, expressing thanks to Russia, China and Iran for their firm stances towards Syria's just cause.

Branch of the National Union of Syrian Students in the Czech Republic and the European Solidarity Front for Syria organized  a mass rally on Saturday at St. Wenceslas Square in the Czech capital Prague in solidarity with Syria.

They voiced support to the political leadership in Syria and its reform program, saluting and congratulating the Syrian national army on its achievements in trying to save the homeland from terrorists.

The students in a statement expressed confidence in Syria's ability to overcome the current crisis and conspiracy, lashing out at the countries providing the armed terrorist groups with weapons and funds.

Ahmad Khaddour, chairman of the National Union of Syrian Students branch in Czech elaborated on the tough conditions and the challenges Syria is facing due to the international conspiracy, which necessitates joint efforts to overcome it.

Patrick Fondak, the representative of the European Solidarity Front for Syria expressed support to the Syrian people in their struggle against terrorism, indicating that "Syria's future is not a matter of indifference" to them.

National dialogue among spectrums of the Syrian society, implementing the political program and non-interference in the Syrian domestic affairs are the best means to overcome the crisis, he pointed out.

Participants blasted international silence over the crimes of the terrorist groups in Syria, holding the countries backing them fully responsible for bloodshed there.

The Syrian students and community in Poland reiterated solidarity with motherland Syria and the Syrian leadership in the face of aggression targeting it.

During a rally organized in the capital city of Poland, Warsaw, on Saturday, the Syrian students and community expressed support to reforms in Syria and the Syrian army against the aggression that seeks to wreak havoc to all aspects of life in Syria.

The participants observed a minute of silence in honor of the martyrs' souls and lit candles outside the Syria embassy, also chanting national slogans and waving the Syrian flag.

They also denounced terrorism and called for peace, amity and construction with the participation of all Syrians. 


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