US abandons allies in favor of Israel: Nasrallah

US abandons allies in favor of Israel: Nasrallah
Sat Jul 20, 2013 09:10:37

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah says the United States has abandoned all its allies in favor of Israel and its own interests.

Nasrallah who was delivering a speech at an annual event held by Hezbollah movement in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan on Friday said, “Past experiences show that US’s top priority in the region is Israel and it has abandoned all its allies for the sake of its own interests”.

"It is impossible to get any guarantees from the US against Israeli ambitions, and what's happening in the region is the best proof for that," Nasrallah said.


Israel threat to Lebanon

Nasrallah said he was “surprised” if someone thought that Lebanon was no longer exposed to Israel threats, stressing that if someone believed so, this would be a "misfortune", as Israel's greediness has no end.

"No one can give Lebanon guarantees for protecting it from Israeli threats. What protects this country is self-dependence and ensuring means of power which deter the enemy."

He reassured that whoever tried to break or isolate the resistance has failed in achieving that, because this resistance is not an organization or a party, but a public determination which is ready for sacrifices.

Nasrallah referred to Hezbollah’s great role in helping security in Lebanon, explaining that “achievements made by the Islamic Resistance were the result of its right vision, it's clear goals, duty, and path, as well as its faith, determination, and will”.

"We do not want to fight, but when you have an enemy which threatens your people, your presence, your duty is to fight it," he insisted, adding that "No one can threaten Lebanon without paying the price for their aggression," he said.

"The noble people in this country have invested in the resistance with their most precious and loved ones, with their children and blood, hence, this resistance is not a faction that you can siege or isolate," he added.

Ready for talks

Sayyed Nasrallah criticized Lebanese officials for not taking security matters serious enough.

He said Hezbollah was ready for discussing security problems under any form, to come out with a national defense strategy.

"We proposed a number of national defense strategies, but no one discussed them on the dialogue table. This is because they don’t discuss the national defense strategy seriously, all they want is, hey guys, give us your weapons and may God give you wellness," Nasrallah said, indicating that "their denial even got them to claim that Hezbollah did not propose any defense strategy".

Israeli regime has been making provocative moves along in Lebanon and Syria claiming that it is acting against Hezbollah threats.

Regime’s warplanes have been violating Lebanon’s airspace almost every day in the past couple of months.

Only this year, Israel also launched at least three airstrikes on Syria, which is gripped by a massive bloody insurgency, claiming that it targeted a Hezbollah convoy.

Nasrallah has said earlier that the ongoing war in Syria is part of an American project to change the balance of power in the region in favor of the Israeli regime.

Nasrallah said in a televised speech in mid of June that there is an American, Israeli and Takfiri project to destroy not only Syria but the entire region.



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