West plot behind Al-Qaeda emirate in Syria

West plot behind Al-Qaeda emirate in Syria
Fri Jul 19, 2013 17:25:10

While the warnings of Al-Qaeda's strength in Syria have gone unheeded, many political analysts consider it as media hype expanded by Western powers.

Though the al-Qaeda’s extremist groups are gaining a foothold in Syria, Washington neocons will not allow it to form a state in Northern Syria, award-winning blogger Neil Clark told Russia Today.

Increasing concerns that the unity of Syria is under threat from Al-Qaeda is also shared by the so-called Free Syrian Army officials, who told RT that the militant groups will only divide Syria and that the majority of Syrians do not want them there.

‘It's interesting, .. when President Assad was warning about Al-Qaeda in Syria from 2011 onwards, the west said he was scaremongering,’ Clark said.

“Assad said that Al-Qaeda had a foothold in Syria, and now we’re hearing this from the FSA, so it’s interesting. Those of us who did warn that this would happen were dismissed as apologists for Assad, apologists for the Syrian government, and now the west has got to wake up to what’s really going on.”

The political analyst said that the FSA is very keen to get Western intervention as they have now changed their strategy and they are asking West to intervene to control Al-Qaeda, the political analyst added.

‘It is very important to understand that one of the biggest myths in international relations of the last 30 years is that the Western powers are not opposed to Al-Qaeda.’

‘They will support Al-Qaeda in certain areas of the world, Libya for example, in the Balkans in the 1990’s.’ Clark noted.

He said the biggest aim of Western foreign policy in this region is to counter Iran and Hezbollah.

‘So I don’t actually think the West will allow an Al-Qaeda state to exist. However, they’re very happy for Al-Qaeda to work to topple President Assad,’ he explained.

Referring to the great achievements of Syrian army with current months of resistance, Clark said the FSA is in a very weak position here.

‘The FSA has lost the war basically as it had committed some terrible crimes in Syria, terrible terrorist atrocities, so I think it’s a kind of a false division to say there are bad rebels and good rebels. ‘

Clark also noted that the fact is that elections are due in Syria in 2014 and there’s no excuse for anyone to be using violence now for achieving political change.


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