Aleppo University withdraws Erdogan doctorate

Aleppo University withdraws Erdogan doctorate
Mon Jul 15, 2013 22:59:46

Council of Aleppo University has decided to withdraw the honorary doctorate in international relations that the university awarded head of the Turkish Justice and Development Party Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2009.

The move came due to Erdogan's conspiring against the Syrian people and his arbitrary practices against the Turkish protestors.

Rector of Aleppo University, Dr. Khodr al-Orfali said during the council's meeting on Monday that the initiative ''came in response to the growing demands of the Syrian universities' councils and the academic, student and public circles inside and outside Syria.''

''Withdrawing the doctorate sends a vocal message of solidarity with the Turkish people who oppose Erdogan's hostile policies, '' al-Orfali said.

''It is the Turkish people who deserve this degree …The Turkish people who continue to express desire to cement the relations of friendship and amity between nations in the two countries,'' the rector pointed out.

The Council members suggested forming a legal committee of law professors and experts to file lawsuits against Erdogan on charges of ruining national economy, robbing economic facilities, natural resources and cultural heritage.

The Council members also denounced Erdogan's unethical and inhumane practices against the Syrian people.


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