Exclusive: Syrian army to break Idlib siege

Mon Jul 15, 2013 21:59:51

Syrian troops have successfully managed to break several months-long siege on the key road connecting Eriha district to Lazeghia in Syria's northwestern province of Idlib, Al-Alam reports.

‘The Syrian army has launched a massive operation from several routes to lift the siege on the international road of Eriha-Lazeghia, which is considered the lonely connection way between Idlib province and other cities,’ Al-Alam correspondent Hesam Zeydan reported.

Following the mop-up operation, the people of Idlib will be released from several-months besiege of terrorist groups in this province, the reporter added.

According to report, the army troops have successfully cleared a great part of the region of the terrorist elements till Monday afternoon.

Government troops are now in control of the strategic Damascus suburb of Halaboon which sees heavy clashes within recent week. The army is seeking to clear at least 70 kilometers of it border area with Lebanon in this area.

There are also reports of clashes between government forces and militants in several other Damascus suburbs including Qabun, Jobar and Barzah.

Syria has been gripped by a deadly unrest since March 2011, and many people, including large numbers of government forces, have been killed in the violence.

Damascus says the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the militants are foreign nationals.

The Syrian government says the West and its regional allies including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey are supporting the militants.

Several international human rights organizations have accused militants operating in Syria of committing war crimes.


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