Syrian army takes terrorists’ Barzah stronghold

Syrian army takes terrorists’ Barzah stronghold
Mon Jul 15, 2013 17:52:30

Syrian army artillery has pounded the foreign-backed terrorist groups’ headquarter in the city of Barzah in the suburb of Damascus.

According to Al-Alam reporter, dozens of militants were killed in the army operation.

This is while in a retaliatory response the militant groups in the area of al-Qabun in the suburb of Damascus also launched an operation and pounded the police academy. Some damages have been already reported by army sources.

According to Al-Alam reporter, more clashes were also escalated in Homs between militant groups and security forces. According to witnesses, dozens of militants were killed during their entry to the neighborhood of Falah in Homs city.

The army troops also foiled the militants’ attacks to the area of Alvar in the suburb of Homs.
In Idlib, the army troops also conducted successful clean-up operations across the city, inflicting heavy losses on Takfiri extremists.

Syrian troops on Sunday advanced into some areas of Damascus suburbs including al-Qaboun and Jobar.

In Jobar, the army units gained more ground after killing a number of militants and confiscating weapons.

The army also discovered a militant hideout used for making explosives near al-Manasher square, where poisonous chemical materials including chlorine were found. Some of the chemical containers had ‘Made in Saudi Arabia’ label on them.

The Syrian army also regained control of al-Musiqa battalion base, which is still in the range of militant sniper fire.

According to official sources, more than 60 percent of Jobar is under the control of the army.