Syrian army advancing in Aleppo suburb

Mon Jul 8, 2013 17:34:25

The Syrian army has continued its massive mop-up operation in Aleppo countryside of al-Rashedin and totally cleared the region of the foreign-backed militant groups, Al-Alam reports.

As part of a long battle to regain control over the ancient city, the Syrian army has conducted successful operations against the militants inside their hideout during the mop-up operation and re-captured several besieged areas.

According to A-Alam reporter, there are only few buildings in al-Rashedin area which are besieged by foreign-backed militants.

Elsewhere, in a separate operation, Syrian army troops also has continued its mop-up operation near Damascus northern suburb of al-Ghabelon.

The army also cleared the region of Harasta, northeastern suburb of Damascus, of armed militants.

In Aleppo, some heavy clashes were also reported around the central prison of city, in which the army troops have killed dozens of militants.

According to reports, some shells smashed into a central prison in the embattled city of Aleppo, killing six prisoners.

Reports also indicated that scores of militants were killed in the northwestern strategic city of Aleppo and its suburbs during clashes with the Syrian soldiers during last month.



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