New Saudi weapons en route to 'SNC' insurgents

New Saudi weapons en route to 'SNC' insurgents
Mon Jul 8, 2013 09:01:24

The so-called Syrian National Council is going to receive new advanced weapons from Saudi Arabia.

Ahmad Jarba, who was elected as head of the so-called Syrian National Coalition said on Sunday that he was expecting "advanced weapons" to reach.

Jarba described the opposition's military position as weak, but he said the situation would change with Saudi Arabia’s weapons.

He added that the opposition would not take part in the peace conference due to be held in Geneva unless its military position becomes strong.

Jarba also offered the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a truce during the holy month of Ramadan -- an offer many believe could be used as a cover to facilitate the delivery of arms to the insurgents in Syria.

During the past 48 hours, the Syrian army has managed to gain more ground in Damascus and some other important regions.

Syria crisis started in 2011 when pro-reform protests turned to a massive insurgency following the intervention of western and regional states.

The unrest which took in numerous terrorist groups from all over Europe and the Middle East is going to become one of the bloodiest wars in the recent history.

The war, which many fear is turning to a “war of hatred”, has already taken thousands of lives.

In an interview broadcast on Turkish television in April, Assad said that if the militants take power in Syria, they could destabilize the entire Middle East region for decades.

“If the unrest in Syria leads to the partitioning of the country, or if the terrorist forces take control… the situation will inevitably spill over into neighboring countries and create a domino effect throughout the Middle East and beyond,” he stated.



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