‘UK Cameron, Hague wrong about war in Syria’

‘UK Cameron, Hague wrong about war in Syria’
Wed Jul 3, 2013 20:39:17

Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister says British Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague are totally wrong if they think that they could force President Assad’s departure through arming militants groups.

Faisal Mekdad says in an interview with The Independent in Damascus that ‘This is the argument of David Cameron and William Hague, who claim arming militants would tilt the balance of the war in their favor forcing Assad to negotiate his own departure.’

“I think they are stupid,” says Mekdad.

“I think they are absolutely mistaken. More arms means more killing,” he added.

He derides any idea that the British and French stance is humanitarian or sincere, attributing it in both cases to revived colonialist ambitions. The Syrian government sees Britain and France as front men for the US administration, which Mekdad said is “behind everything in the region”.

He believes that Saudi Arabia and Qatar likewise act as proxies for the US: “They can’t do anything without written instructions from Washington.”

He also added that Syria is convinced the US cannot control the foreign-backed terrorist groups it is arming and will be unable to get them to declare a ceasefire that would be central to any successful peace talks.

Mekdad noted that the Americans “provide arms and money but they have absolutely no control.

Nobody will listen. The US has been trying to unify these militant groups for two years and you can see the results: more disintegration.”

However he underlined that events have been moving in the Syrian government’s favor throughout the first half of the year.

Referring to the army crucial victory in Qusayr outside Homs near the Lebanese border, he stresses that the foreign backed terrorist groups should take heed. “It will send a clear message to militant groups, saying: ‘The Syrian army is coming for you,” he says.

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