Syrian Army gains more control over Homs

Syrian Army gains more control over Homs
Mon Jul 1, 2013 19:13:04

Syrian Army has made great advancement within third day of battle with foreign backed militants in central city of Homs, in which it has tightened the siege on the city.

Syrian Army troops attacked militant groups’ bastions in several areas of Homs city for the third straight day on Monday.

According to Syria State TV, at least 9 militants were killed on Monday clashes as they were involved in transferring the ammunition to Baab Hood are in suburb of Homs.

This is while a booby-trapped car also went off Monday in the country's central city of Hama, causing undisclosed number of casualties.

The blast struck near a culture center in the town of Saboura in the countryside of Hama, SANA said, giving no further details on the death toll.

SANA said the Syrian troops have restored security and stability to the al-Ain farmlands in the al-Qariaten area in the central Homs province.

As the violence raged, the six-member Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) and the European Union meeting in Bahrain called for a political solution to Syria's conflict, while regional powerhouse Saudi Arabia urged the EU to arm the militant groups.

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