Saudi school principal opens fire at students

Saudi school principal opens fire at students
Sat Jun 29, 2013 19:21:52

A Saudi school principal has opened fire at his students on the final day of examinations after a fierce dispute, al-Alam reports.

Two students went to the police station in the town of Tharb located in Mahd al-Thahab district, 170 km southwest of Medina, to complain about their principal who shot at a car carrying them, the town’s police spokesman colonel Fahad al-Ghannam said.

The police investigated the car and found holes caused by the gunshots, al-Ghannam added.

Saudi Ministry of Education has been expressing concerns about increasing cases of violent acts in the Arab Kingdom’s schools in the past years.

According to the ministry’s reports at least 50 percent of students across Saudi Arabia engage in violent acts and suffer from behavioral disorders due to being subjected to violence themselves.

The worrying point about school violence in Saudi Arabia, according to the reports is that the number of attacks on teachers by the students is on the rise.

One of the most shocking examples was in the city of Taif in western Saudi Arabia where seven students brutally beat their teacher until he was unconscious and was transferred to hospital. The attack, it turned out, was led by a student who wanted to take revenge on the teacher for scolding him earlier.

Social instabilities, bad parenting, satellite TVs preaching extremist thoughts as well as violent TV shows have been cited by observers as the main roots of violence in Saudi schools.

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