Hezbollah slams Takfiris’ violence in Lebanon

Hezbollah slams Takfiris’ violence in Lebanon
Tue Jun 25, 2013 15:48:34

The Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah has condemned the recent deadly attacks by Takfiris on the country’s army soldiers.

In a Monday night statement, Hezbollah described the crimes of the followers of the radical Takfiri cleric sheikh Ahmad al-Assir as a violation against Lebanon and an attack on the security of the Lebanese.

The statement said the militant group targeted Lebanon’s Army, which it dubbed a pillar of peace and security for the country.

The Lebanese resistance movement expressed its unwavering support for the army and warned against any future campaigns against the country’s armed forces.

Hezbollah further extended its condolences to the families of the soldiers killed in the battle against the armed ring and called on authorities to prevent any such attacks in the future.

The statement came after two days of fighting between the army and Assir followers in the southern city of Sidon. The Lebanese troops have now seized control of the headquarters of the radical Sunni sheikh whose supporters fought the army for two days, killing 16 soldiers.
Lebanon designated Tuesday a day of national mourning, as the search continued for Takfiri sheikh Ahmad al-Assir who was not found when troops entered the radical cleric’s complex in Abra, near Sidon.

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