Syria militants claim killing 4 Lebanese: Video

Wed Jun 19, 2013 22:50:23

An anti-Syria militant unit has claimed responsibility for killing four men in Lebanon the foreign-backed insurgency spills into its smaller neighbor, Lebanon.

In the video, posted on Tuesday by a group calling itself the "Syrian Mujahideen Unit", a fighter says his brigade killed the four men as they were trying to enter Syria.

He said those who were killed belonged to the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah.

Another video posted by the same group showed the four men's identification cards as well as two assault rifles and two pistols the militants say they found on the men.

The bloody insurgency in Syria which enjoys support from the United States and its western and regional allies has inflamed tensions in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley near the border.

Rockets fired from areas believed to be controlled by anti-Syria extremist militant groups have targeted the town of Hermel in the past.

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