Israel desperate about Google’s Palestine policy

Israel desperate about Google’s Palestine policy
Wed Jun 19, 2013 21:41:42

A Google representative is going to meet with Israeli regime authorities about its decision to use the name “Palestine” instead of “Palestinian territories”.

Last month, Google changed the way it refers to Palestine, which were followed by Israeli regime reactions to ask the giant company to reconsider its decision.

However, Israeli regime’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor tried to play down the move saying that his regime “has no position vis-à-vis Google, which is neither a political nor a diplomatic entity with any authority to recognize states,” as he was quoted by Israeli Haaretz.

Israel’s pressures to make Google change its policies on recognizing the state of Palestine, which was occupied during violent aggressions of the regime of Israel in 1948, have been futile so far.

According to the regime’s foreign ministry, Google has only accepted to inform the regime about its policies toward Palestine but has refused to consult with it for making decisions.

Meanwhile, MKs Nachman Shai (Labor) and Ronen Hoffman (Yesh Atid) requested that the Knesset draw up “an urgent proposal regarding Google and Israel.” They explained their grounds.

“Israel’s public diplomacy has suffered a serious setback .… In the war for public awareness of Israel’s situation and in the battle against the campaign against Israel’s de-legitimization, the Palestinians have scored a major victory," they said in a statement.

"Although Google is not a state, its decisions carry much weight in this global network we all use. The Knesset should carefully study how Israeli public diplomacy can deal with such challenges and why it has failed in this instance.”

That first occupation of Palestine began with a project called the State of Israel in which the regime occupied Western Palestine in 1948 and still does to this day.

The second stage of occupation was in June 1967 war which lasted only six days. New lands were conquered that included the rest of Palestine - Gaza and the West Bank - as well as parts of Egypt and Syria.

Huge sums of money were transferred on a regular basis from the US government to fund occupation infrastructure and ensure the economic stability of the colonial enterprise.

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