Chechen Pres. wary of youths going to fight in Syria

Chechen Pres. wary of youths going to fight in Syria
Sat Jun 15, 2013 18:06:10

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov says foreign special services are trying to recruit young people from Chechnya to fight with militants against Syria.

"It is no secret that the so-called opposition in Syria acts under the guidance of foreign special services. No one even tries to hide it. Naturally, young people coming to Syria from Russia are a delicacy for them. One tries to recruit them. And one cannot be sure that such kind of recruiting will not be then directed against Russia," Kadyrov said on Saturday.

There is no 'sacred war' in Syria, he said adding that “there is an action clearly planned by external forces to overthrow the government, destroy the country and liquidate its armed forces," Kadyrov said.

"There are several people from Chechnya in Syria," he said.

"According to our data, five or six nationals of our republic died there. In the name of what? For the sake of what and who? It would be better if they stayed at home, helped their parents, raised their children, work and study," he said.

"The problem of the former participants in the Syrian events may be very acute, if one returns from there alive, which is rather doubtful. It cannot be fully solved by our special services and police.

"First of all, one should show on TV what 'the Syrian opposition' is, what it seeks and what its attitude is has to Islam," Kadyrov said.

"Our Muslim theologians say that there can be no signs of jihad in Syria … There is a fight for power and resources. And the opposition is under the power of those who fund it, ship arms and ammunition, and send military experts," Kadyrov said.

Syria has been struggling with a massive terrorist war across the country, while the United States and its western and regional allies have put their highest efforts to send arms to the insurgent groups to topple the government of Syria.

The chaos which has received strong support from Washington has already turned to be a grave concern for regional countries that fear spread of the war to their soils and a stronger hand for terrorists who could put the whole region in danger.

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